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Little League Rules

Our rules of play are governed by Little League International, and are updated each year. To get the latest information on Little League rules, see their Rules, Regulations, and Polices page, including information on where to get printed copies of the rule book.

Additionally, you can now get access to the latest rules using an app for iOS and Android devices. The app lets you bookmark rules, search, etc.

We also have a set of local rules that we use to augment those, which are captured in our local rules document.

For interleague play, there are additional rules we have adopted:

Bat Standards

Effective on January 1, 2018, Little League Baseball® will adhere to the new USABat standard. No bats previously approved for use in Little League Play (Junior League Baseball and below) will be permitted to be used in any Little League game or practice, or other Little League function, event, or activity. For more information on the USABat standard and a complete list of bats approved through the USABat Standard, visit

What this means for local Little Leagues, and Little League baseball players in the Tee Ball through Junior League Divisions (not applicable to the Senior Division) as well as Little League Challenger Division®, is that all current Little League-approved bats can no longer be used starting in 2018.  

Be aware that this new bat standard effects Little League Baseball only. There are no changes to the bat standard or regulations for Little League Softball®.