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NSLL Sponsorship Levels, Benefits & Information

NSLL Sponsorship Levels, Benefits & Information

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Northshore Little League!

What your sponsorship means to us

The Sponsorship Program’s Mission statement is simple: “Sponsor a team, Inspire a Dream.” We want our sponsors to realize how important they are to our players’ futures. NSLL features youth baseball and softball for approximately . 490 kids per year, playing in all little league division levels. We operate through generous time from our volunteers, made up of board members, managers, coaches, team parents, and community members. The league needs support from our sponsors and community members to operate and thrive as a league. NSLL gets our kids outside, playing together in a team environment, having fun, learning, and growing together! In this environment, the players learn life lessons they will cherish for years to come, and the sponsorships from our valued community business owners make it happen! Our goal is for every team in the league to be supported by a local business and/or individual contributions.

Sponsorship benefits to your company

  • Connection to the expansive Northshore community through brand exposure on our website and on our fences at Northshore Athletic Fields throughout the year.
  • Company exposure is displayed on the various apparel and sports items worn by the sponsored team (and their families).
  • Parents, players, and coaches are encouraged to support the businesses of our sponsors.
  • NSLL is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your sponsorship (advertising) dollars may be fully tax deductible!

(check with your tax professional for specifics).

Where do sponsorship dollars go?

  • Your company & league branding on apparel worn by sponsored team.
  • Registration scholarships for athletes in need.
  • Uniforms.
  • League equipment.
  • Field rental fees.
  • Field management & maintenance.

What items are included with sponsorship?

NSLL offers various levels of sponsorship packages that can be viewed in the Sponsorship Levels & Opportunities table below.

-  Items marked with a ✔ are included as part of that sponsorship package.

-  Items marked as n/a are not included with that sponsorship level.

How many items are included with sponsorship?

Items included as part of the sponsorship package will be provided for all players and 3 coaches. Gold Glove, Grand Slam, and Homerun sponsorship packages also include apparel items for the Sponsor.

All branding will be one-color print. Two+ color prints are available for additional costs.

Additional items (for parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.) can be purchased for additional costs. See the Apparel Information Form for pricing details. Deadline to submit orders is April 15th. Orders take 14-21 days to process once submitted by the league.

Northshore Little League Sponsorship Program | PO Box 1764, Bothell, WA 98041 | email: [email protected] |


Sponsor Checklist

❏  Complete Sponsorship Registration Form and email to [email protected].

❏  Complete Local Little League Sponsorship Agreement and email to [email protected].

❏ Send check ASAP made out to NSLL to: Northshore Little League, PO Box 1764, Bothell, WA 98041 or pay online at Sponsorships |

❏ Email company logo/artwork to [email protected].

Manager/Sponsorship Parent Checklist

❏ Secure a sponsor for your team.

❏ Confirm your sponsor has completed all items on their checklist (above).

❏ Download the Apparel Information Form to gather order information from your team.

❏ Submit your apparel orders by emailing your apparel information form or a spreadsheet of orders to

[email protected] .

❏  Send a check for additional family orders to: Northshore League, PO Box 1764, Bothell, WA 98041. An invoice can be sent out and paid via Square but credit card fees will be added to the total due. It is easiest if one person pays and collect from the team.

❏ Approve the proof emailed to you from [email protected].