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The Tournament of Champions (TOC) is an annual tournament that includes North Bothell, North Lake, Northshore, and Woodinville Little Leagues. 

The tournament includes 4 division: Major's Softball, Major's Baseball, Minor's Softball, Minor's Baseball. The TOC format is broken into two sections: pool play followed by bracket play. All teams participate in pool play where  each team will play against the other teams in their pool. Pool records will determine the teams that will advance to bracket play and will also determine their seed in bracket play.  Teams will continue through the bracket until their first loss or they become tournament champions. 

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BB RulesSB Rules
Majors BaseballMajors Softball
Minors BaseballMinors Softball
Game Report TemplateGame Report Template

Northshore TOC History

Managers Corner

Game reports are due by 10PM on the same day of your game. WINNING team manager is responsible for reporting. Teams should confer on player recorded stats and league ages before leaving the game.
Follow these steps.
  1. Download the Game Report Template (Click on Game Report Template Link, File->Download)
  2. Fill in template according to instructions in the template.
  3. Email the file to [email protected]