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Oct, 2019

Early Bird Registration Opens on Nov. 1

Registration for the 2020 Little League season will begin at Northshore Little League on November 1st, 2019. Registering your child early will ensure you have all your registration done well in advance of deadlines, and also entitle you to a discount. Early Bird registration will run for the month of November, after which pricing will increase by $25 (Tee Ball prices won't change).

Because we're starting up on a brand new platform, we'll need each child registered in the system with up to date information. Please read the registration instructions carefully, and you should be guided through the process cleanly.

League Eligibility: In order to be eligible to play Northshore Little League, either your home address or your school address must be within the bounds for Northshore Little League. You can use the Little League site's League Finder to determine whether that's the case. If you are going off of your home address, you can select "None" for the school during registration.

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