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Oct, 2019

Registration Fee Changes for 2020

Beginning with the 2020 Little League season, fees for Northshore Little League will increase by $50, offsetting the former process of using fundraising to help cover league costs.

In seasons past, Northshore Little League has incorporated fundraising into the Little League season. Players could participate in the Base-A-Thon fundraiser, or opt to pay a $50 buy-out in lieu of raising $50 or more via the Base-A-Thon. The board has been unable to find support for coordinating these activities for the 2020 season, and therefore have decided to not have the Base-A-Thon for this season, and instead just roll the equivalent fee into the registration cost. The net cost for each participant should therefore stay the same, although please note that the Base-A-Thon will not happen this year.

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