Player Verification Explained (note we are an international team)

Step 1: Download and print and fill out Player Verification Form

Step 2: Follow the following process

Returning players who have moved out of NSLL - Check with President Immediately!!!

New All-Star Players OR Players who have moved within NSLL boundaries:

***Bills must be dated between February 1 of the prior year and Feb 1 of the current year to qualify.

1. An original certified birth certificate to show proof of age (CANNOT be a copy- you will get this back at the end of the All-Star season).

2. Proof of residency within NSLL boundaries, one from each group:

Group I:

  • Driver's License
  • School Records
  • Vehicle Records (i.e. Registration, Lease info, etc)
  • Employment Records
  • Insurance Documents

Group II:

  • Federal Records (i.e. Tax return, Social Security, etc)
  • State Records
  • Local (Municipal) Records (Water/sewer bill would work for this)
  • Homeowner or Tenant Records
  • Military Records

Group III:

  • Voter's Registration
  • Utility Bills (i.e. Gas, Electric, Phone, Heating, Water/sewer, Waste Disposal) ***Keep in mind if Water/sewer is used to satisfy Group II it CANNOT be used as a utility bill in Group III
  • Medical Records
  • Internet, Cable, or Satellite Records

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