Sponsor Northshore Little League

Northshore Little League needs your support.

Our Sponsorship Program's Mission Statement is simple: "Sponsor a team, Inspire a dream."

We want our Sponsors to realize how important they are to our players' futures. Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in this sport, and our Sponsors' contributions and support can guarantee that this league will not only thrive, but do our best to give each child the chance to benefit from scholarships, training programs, needed equipment, field management, etc.

If you have further questions, or if you have a team that you're interested in sponsoring and/or you would like the league to place you with a team, please send us an email at sponsorship@northshorell.com.

If you choose to sponsor NSLL, please fill out the "Sponsorship Registration Form" and "Sponsorship Agreement" linked below.

Sponsorship Registration Form
NSLL Little League Sponsorship Agreement
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