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Safety Program

Northshore Little League - Safety Program

The Northshore Little League Safety Program is intended to help parents and other volunteers provide a high level of safety for children in the league. NSLL recognizes parents have the primary responsibility for the safety their children. The NSLL Safety Program is intended to help parents keep their children safe and to provide guidance to other volunteers in furtherance of that objective.

Please read the NSLL Safety Plan here. The Safety Plan for the current season will be substantially similar, but with updates for various events.

Safety Procedures and Forms

Medical Release Form

Every player's parent should fill out a Medical Release Form and deliver it to the Player's Manager before practices begin each season.

Accident Reports

If a player is injured during any NSLL event, the Player's parent should promptly complete a Preliminary Accident Report and deliver it to the League Safety Officer. If the injury involves a suspected concussion, or other head injury, the parents and other adults involved must follow the NSLL Head Injury Policy.

If an injured player's parent has any reason to suspect the player's injuries may require medical attention, or may not fully and quickly resolve, the parent should complete the "Accident Notification Form" and deliver it to Little League International not later than 20 days after the event.

Little League Insurance Coverage Summary

This document provides information about the important aspects of the Little League endorsed insurance program. We have also included the C.N.A. Little League Accident Notification Form.

Volunteer Application

All volunteers who may come in contact with the children of the league (i.e. manager, coach, umpire, safety parent, league official, etc.) must complete a Volunteer Application authorizing a criminal background check before beginning any work with the players.

Safety Inspection Summary

This is included in the Washington District 8 Safety Plan and lists equipment specifications, types of damage that will eliminate a piece of equipment from use during play or practice, Little League safety rules and first aid procedures for the tournament. By notifying teams of these requirements prior to their arrival at a tournament, it gives them the opportunity to replace damaged equipment or acquire new before traveling.