Board of Directors

Election of Board Members

The board of directors are elected annually at the October board meeting, except for the President, who is elected to a two year term. The required officers are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Player Agent and Safety Officer. If a league also operates a Senior League, and/or Big League, a Vice President or other personnel should be designated to supervise, as is the case for those leagues operating Little League, Senior League or Big League Softball programs.

Board of Directors

The management of the property and affairs of the local league shall be vested in the board of directors. The directors shall, upon election, immediately enter upon the performance of their duties and shall continue in office until their successors shall have been duly elected and qualified.

The board membership shall include the officers, including Player Agent, and a minimum of one manager and one volunteer umpire. (Only volunteer umpires may be elected to the board.) The number of managers and coaches including Minor League representation elected to the board shall not exceed a minority of the total board members. Every board member should have a copy of the Operating Manual for reference to proper operating procedures and policies.

The board of directors shall have the power to appoint such standing and special committees as it shall determine by the constitution and to delegate such powers to them as the board shall deem advisable and which it may properly delegate.

The board may adopt such rule and regulations for the conduct of its meetings and the management of the league as it may deem proper.

The board shall have the power by a two-thirds vote of those present at any regular or special meeting to discipline, suspend or remove any director or officer or committee member of the league, subject to provisions of the constitution.


Presides at league meetings, and assumes full responsibility for the operation of the local league. The President receives all mail, supplies and other communications from the Little League Headquarters. The President must see to it that league personnel is properly briefed on all phases of rules, regulations, and policies of Little League Baseball. The league President is the contact between the local organization and Little League Headquarters.

Vice President

Presides in the absence of the President; works with other officers and committee members; is ex-officio member of all committees and carries out duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.


Maintains a register of members and directors; records the minutes of the meetings; is responsible for sending out notice of meetings, issues membership cards and maintains a record of league's activities.


Signs checks co-signed by another officer or director; dispenses league funds as approved by the board of directors; reports on the status of league funds; keeps local league books and financial records; prepares budgets and assumes the responsibility for all local league finances.

Player Agent

Conduct annual tryouts, and is in charge of player selection, assists President in checking birth records and eligibility of players; serves as a member of the board of directors of the local league and generally supervises and coordinates the transfer of players to or from the Minor Leagues according to provisions of the regulations of Little League Baseball.

Safety Officer

Coordinates all safety activities; ensures safety in player training; ensures safe playing conditions; coordinates reporting and prevention of injuries; solicits suggestions for making conditions safer, and reports suggestions to Little League Headquarters through the league President.